LOST: One massive bottle of Zoflora.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. I hope you have been thoroughly spoilt. Mine got off to an ok start. I had anticipated garage flowers and a breakfast in bed attempt (with a scene of carnage left in the kitchen for me to clean up). Sort of correct. Got some half dead […]

Wilko’s ‘Sud’s Law’

Ladies and Gents, I have a stinking cold. My head is full of it and my nose is blocked. Very blocked. So what better time to put the power of smell to the test. Zoflora obviously passed with flying colours. I had the Linen Fresh out this morning (it being Mother’s Day I decided I […]

Clinic: Dishwasher

One of our readers – Madeline Wells – writes: Dear Bleach and Tonic. Firstly, I love the site, it’s great to see a website about cleaning. I’m a student and my friends think I am all nuts because I prefer cleaning to partying. Recently, I moved in to a student house – I am in […]

Review: Shake ‘n’ Vac

Forget the hot topics of the day. Scottish Independance, The Pistoris trial (I can’t believe I have spelt that right, but that squiggly red line hasn’t appeared), the plight of that Malaysian Airways plane (The creative director of Bleach And Tonic, Helen, thinks it was hijacked by mobsters and crash landed on a desert island […]