Today’s Zoflora Situation

Today bleach and tonic is not in the rudest of health. It’s obscene. Today bleach and tonic is suffering the consequences they so airily dismissed between the seventh and the eighth last night. Last night, Bleach and Tonic cavorted, wild and rude and rolling in landwrecked laughter, shipped adrift on a lake of booze, rolling, […]

On tidying

In the end, we all fail. We all do. In the end, all there is is ash and dirt. In my younger years, I let this disuade me from cleanliness and tidiness and order. I reveled in filth. I looked upon domestos as a caveman would look upon a wireless router, with a mixture of […]

The Joy of the Premier Inn

“If you want to feel good looking, go to Asda” Anon. I am not a rich man. Normally, people say “I may not have much money but the riches I have are priceless”, and then, dreadfully, offer to show you a picture of a spouse or kid. I am not a rich man. The world […]