Tip: Zoflora in the Cistern

What did one anarchist plumber say to another anarchist plumber? Smash the cistern We’re not here for the humour, we’re here for the tips and here is a great big one. Pop some Zoflora in your cistern and when you, or a visiting workman flushes, brace yourself for a waterfall of scent.

Review: Shake ‘n’ Vac Vanilla.

A rhapsody in plain For the cleaner, the humble corner shop: can engender the same emotions that Hay on Wye can on the Bibliophile. For them with their fucking linen suits and hats, euphoria is derived from stumbling over some rare edition of Dickens or what have you. For me, rapture, over this: Shake ‘n’ […]

Review: Buster.

First, the name. I love the name, I adore it. Buster. Simple, with a lovely understated cadence. It’s what my youngest son angrily says when he wants to emphasise a point, adorably. ‘Clean your room’ ‘I don’t want to clean my room’ ‘Clean your room’ ‘I’m not going to clean my room. I’m going on […]

Review: Bath Power!

![pow](http://application.denofgeek.com/pics/film/showdowns/02.jpg”/> How bitter do you think most rivalries are? America and the USSR? That Russian Guy who rocky punched the face off? Did they hate each other, really? Utd and City? Do they really hate each other, really? I don’t mean the fans, I mean, say, does the account manager at Man City hate the […]


Today’s Zoflora situation is…inflamatory We’re getting a bit tired of the zoflora situations too, if we’re honest. We’ll do a review soon. Just got to get to Sainsbury’s. In the meantime, though, have you ever tried to light a barby with Zoflora. WHOOSH!

Review: Zoflora Country Garden.

A couple of weeks’ ago I went to an open garden event and paid two quid for a slice of flapjack which I strongly suspect was half a ‘Go Breakfast bar’ with some chopped almonds sprinkled upon the top. The heat was wonderful and I wore my wonderful banana republic shorts and linen shirt. I […]

On Mornings

When I was younger, I lived mostly at night. I had a day job in a library and a night job in a bar so trendy you probably wouldn’t have heard of it. At 4am, I’d be in a party in Hulme with people so cool that you probably wouldn’t have heard of them. Buzzing […]