#Top14 Zofloras: 6

![Insert](http://i1.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article1780987.ece/alternates/s615/Path%20through%20the%20bluebell%20wood%20at%20Coton%20Manor,%20Northamptonshire.jpg”/> Now this one’s a BELTER. Even the name will have you frothing. Bluebell Woods Boom. We used to live in Hampshire, “Close and Slow, summer is ending in Hampshire” Louis Macneice, again And there was a wood called the Chase. We spent approx seven fifths of our lives in that wood until we had […]

#Top14 Zofloras: 7

Photo credit http://thehenrybrothers.files.wordpress.com We’re up to the giddy heights of number 7 now. We thought about this list, a lot, as we walked alone, along the coast over the so called holiday. The tide lapped at our feet teasingly. Gulls cawed, bored, and the sea shushed them, waving the sound away with salted indifference. Our […]

The Christmas Review: Domestos. Part 2: Dark thoughts

![Imgur](http://i.imgur.com/HKk4spt.jpg”/> Welcome to part 2 of our Christmas special. Our review of ‘The Daddy’, Domestos. Yesterday in part 1, we were interrupted by having to attend a tea party at the vicar’s house in Disley ![Imgur](http://i.imgur.com/HKk4spt.jpg”/> A serious sexual assault We had a lovely time in Disley. For our foreign readers (and we’re not at […]

Christmas Review. Domestos. Part.1

Nothing says Christmas, to us, like Domestos. The clean before the tree goes down, the stench of the pine leaves and the glory of a freshly mopped floor, steaming with domestos. In our old site, when we used to run Desert Island Disinfectants – tagline ‘you’re marooned on a desert island, which one disinfectant would […]

#Top14 Zofloras: 8

We don’t like this one. The fact that this is as high as #8 is down to the fact that Ms Tonic drew up the majority of the list. I just asked my wife, Ms Gin about this one ‘it stinks like shit’. Sincere Apologies for the language but accuracy is everything in cleanliness. From […]

Top #14 Zofloras: 9

Last night I went out for our christmas party. As a matter of fact, I went back to the restaurant which, as we have discovered was actually a testing ground for the pharmaceutical company behind Glade Air Freshener. I got drunk, dear reader. Ship wrecked and faced off against three Welsh IT developers. I threatened […]

#Top14 Zofloras: 10

This one is one we use the most. In the same way that we never read ‘the last battle’ as a youth, because it would mean we have read them all, we use #top14 number ten: Springtime all the time because we don’t really like it. The joy of using it is that we get […]

#Top14 Zofloras: 11

Shakespeare: any good? What do you reckon? I myself think he’s a little bit tiresome. I once tried to read ‘The Tempest’ to impress a girl called Nicola Carter I just couldn’t get into it, and, consequently her. I mean, can you listen to all of this without your mind wandering? you’ve got to give […]