Bleach and Tonic is on annual leave / ASTONISHING news

<img src=” This weekend, we’re packing up the Zoflora and the kids and, ominously (1), Mrs Gin and heading north of the border for a week. The kids think we’re going hill walking, sea canoeing and fishing but actually we’re composing a geographical map of Zoflora usage throughout the country. There is no internet which […]

Shake N Vac Lemon: Perfecto Mix

I felt like Indiana Jones finding this as I wandered simultaneously drunken and hungover through the corner shop, grabbing booze and Zoflora willy nilly when I literally stumbled into this treasure. <img src=” Treasure. Priceless treasure in a £1.19 plastic tube. Why don’t Glade have a massive advertising campaign when they launch a new flavour? […]