Our washing machine history is a metaphor for the postwar socio-economic history of Britain. If that title does not intrigue you, then go fuck yourself, basically.

Bastard Hoover. Bastard, bastard Hoover.  Fuck them. Fuck ’em.  Dyson should roll into their HQ in armoured cars and flatten it.  Raze everything in a 20 mile radius to the ground and sow salt into the soil.  All memory of them should be expunged from the history books.  Hoovers should be hung from every lamppost […]

Introducing Dr Harpic

Bleach and Tonic is delighted to announce a new member of our team. Please welcome..Dr Harpic. Dr Harpic, our West Country correspondent, will be dispensing dirty jokes, tips, medical advice and dirty jokes. She joins the team of Mr Bleach; dogsbody, Ms Tonic; Creative Director and England’s best cleaner, and Mrs Gin, whose attempts to […]