Another world exclusive. This will blow your fucking socks off

This time our source of our ZOFLORA WORLD EXCLUSIVE is not our mole from one of Zoflora’s admin departments, and seriously Clare we are so upset about revealing your name on Twitter. Do get back to us and reassure us all is OK.

No, this second ZOFLORA WORLD EXCLUSIVE comes from our very own Ms Tonic.

Yes, seasoned Ms Tonic watchers will be slightly twitchy about that. After all, apart from working out – 3 days before the police – that Vincent Tabak was the murderer of poor Jo ‘Apsirational Pizza’Yeats, she has defintiely been more miss than hit over the years.

This time, though, she might be on to something.

Take a look and let us know what you think:

Yes, some of have dull lives but some, like Ms Tonic really live on the edge, spending their summer evenings pouring through PDF files listing ingredients of Zoflora products.

You can’t say we don’t know how to live.

So, in another ZOFLORA WORLD ETC, we announce SUMMER BREEZE..

Thoughts? Tweet ’em to @bleachandtonic

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