back Back BACK!!!

Yes, it really does warrant those 3 exclamation marks.

After a bit of an annoying summer we are back. For reasons more complex than I’m willing to explain, we had what I call in my professional (lol) life a cat1 outage (I lost the password to the account)

We’re BACK. Prob not for good, nothing is for ever after all.

Whilst you were gone, brace yourself dear reader we have some extremely distressing news vis a vis one of our beloved cleaning products…

![Extremely Distressing](”/>
extremely distressing

We’ll do the obit tomorrow.

But, as ever, the cleaning world mirrors the universe. For every ying, a yang. We’ve also found the greatest ever product ever released in the universe (and, yes, it is zoflora based), and we’ll do the review for this likety spit, too

Bye! For now!

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