Back from the dead like a bullet to the head. SUPER JON STRAKLO

We had a lovely time in Croatia. It’s great being in a different country and seeing different places.

We saw the sights:

So many sights:

And we went shopping to sample the local produce:

We decided to review Super Jon based on the name. We already know about Ajax and the like. We wanted something a bit cosmopolitan.

The review unit set us back 23 Kunar, about 2.30 which made it about the price of its UK equivalent.

We’ve said that with an air of authority, but in fact we have no idea how much it’s UK equivalent would be. We’ve no idea; we never look at the prices.

Anycase, what we were able to determine was that this fucker was, like Mrs Gin on holiday, Choc full of alcohol. How were we able to determine this? The (rather boastful) ALHOHOL in big font on the front?


You know when you’re abroad and you go to a fancy place to eat?

And, to be daring, you have a couple of shots of the local fire water? Well in Croatia, you’re most likely drinking Super Jon. It smells exactly the same as Balkan firewater and, in the interests of pushing web based cleaning products, we can confirm it tastes the same, too.

On the front, the packaging would put most UK cleaning products to shame. It’s clear, fun, and has no inconsistent fonts or weird designs:

On the back, to be sure, it has a ton of words:

No doubt Croatian cleaning regulations are better than our own.

How does it perform? OK, pretty indistinguishable from the UK generic versions, if we’re honest.

But the smell, oh the smell. We spray it constantly. It reminds us of hot nights, of lazy days and of massive consumption of industrial grade alcohol. The perfect scent to welcome in Autumn.

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