If these videos featuring people playing music accompanied by their washing machine don’t warm you from the bottom of your once broken heart, then there is no joy left in your life, at all.

Well, what a reaction to our last post. 20 (twenty) whole views and one spam comment about powdered Viaggra (sic). We bought a kilo anyway, just on the off chance. We were a bit dubious about entering our credit card details but we have to believe the world is a good place. We just have […]

Learning to love again.

It took a long time but our heart started beating. Yoga and hangovers teach us to look forward and not back, so let’s not dwell on why it stopped, nor on how it restarted, after so long being dusty and silent and still. Unloved and unused, like an unwanted gift hidden in the garage under […]

Where now?

So. What do we do now that this thing is back from the dead? For maybe the fouth time?* The very fact we have given up so often gives you a clue of the likely ending this time. We will get either bored or suicidally depressed again. Either way it ends with us staring off […]

Field Report: Singapore

  Against our wishes, we are on holiday.  We departed Manchester airport, furious.  Home is the best.  If we had our way, we would have stayed.  If we also had our way, we would have stopped 80% of those at the airport from boarding their plane.  With our children on the plane, as loudly as […]