Could this be, could this be the greatest day ever?

![“Colorful spring garden” by Anita Martinz from Klagenfurt, Austria – Colorful spring garden. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –](”/>

Oh yes it could!

Can you feel it? Spring is just above the heavy Mancunian clouds. Gloomy though the sky appears to be from the front, we can tell that above the clouds, the sun is dancing.

Ok, that is in Namibia but it’s the top result for ‘sun through clouds’ on google images, so it’s still relevant

Spring is coming, it’ll be here tomorrow

Today is like the day before payday, or the moment before we check our lottery tickets. The anticipation is warm and golden. Who cares about work, or the fact that, in realitly and in Manchester, it is still bitterly cold. Tomorrow it won’t be. This is the last day of suffering. Enjoy the suffering, embrace it, for it will make tomorrow’s warmth even more sweeter.

We enjoy the anticpiation more than the reality. When we were penniless students, we once lived in France and made 100ff (c£10) last a whole month. We had spaghetti for lunch and spaghetti with mayo for tea. (To spice things up a bit, sometimes we had spaghetti with mayo for lunch and just spaghetti for tea). Anyway, the point is not to boast about our culinary skills, it’s this; Mother Bleach agreed to send us some money and we spent the final week of poverty ecstatic, dreaming about the moment the cheque would come, how happy we’d be when we saw the letter, what we’d buy first etc etc. Each day the post box was empty just made it better, because it made the anticipation more intense.

When we finally did open the letter and cash the cheque, yeah, it was good, but it was also slightly anticlimatic. We were just rich again, we weren’t hoping for anything, there was no anticipation. (As a matter of interest, after spending £10 in a month, we spent £100 in a single night on alcohol. That next morning…)

So today is greater than tomorrow, when, finally, it will be warm because today we have both the joy of today, and the thrill of tomorrow.

Plus we have put half a bottle of the wonderful Pine disenfectant by sainsburys down our khazi and as a consequence our house smells amazing.

Tomorrow Sainsburys will deliver some more and the sun lit weekend will begin

A wonderful time to be alive

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