Field Report: Singapore

Apostrophes: Why bother eh?


Against our wishes, we are on holiday.  We departed Manchester airport, furious.  Home is the best.  If we had our way, we would have stayed.  If we also had our way, we would have stopped 80% of those at the airport from boarding their plane.  With our children on the plane, as loudly as possible, we compiled a list of people who should be banned from travel:

  • Anyone with 2 items of sportswear on
  • Anyone with a wacky t-shirt on
  • Anyone who looked like a chav
  • Anyone who watched ITV 2, E4, that type of thing
  • Anyone who did not know the captial city of the place they were going to. (The previous ones were from our children, that one was ours. We’re quite proud of it)
  • Anyone with a cap on. (Again, ours)
  • Anyone who might know someone who looked like a chav. (Our children’s again)
  • Anyone who might have voted Brexit (Ours)
  • Anyone who did not have a favourite Zoflora (Ours, but our children agreed with us)


We were prepared:


Our holiday shopping

As we were going to foreign climes, and we get homesick when we are in the office, we went for the most nostalgic of all the Zofloras, Country Garden.  Now we are actually in the field, we realise we should have gone for Linen Fresh, as freshness is paramount in sticky 35 degrees heat.  However, Country Garden is a solid choice as it is evocative of all we have -reluctantly – left behind.

Scenting the passport


On arrival, we gave the towels a quick dose.  Immediately, it made the hotel feel less like a hotel and more like home:


On the second day of the holiday, we took Zoflora to the beach:

But you don’t care about that, do you?  Nor do we.  Beaches? Pah!  Sun sea and sex?  We don’t think so!

What you want to know is, what is the cleaning scene like in Singapore?

On our very first day on site, jet lag be dammed, we went to a mall to take photos of bleach.  Admittedly, our family were not that happy about this but we all have to make sacrifices.

So, in summary, Singapore is a mixture of the exotic (Clomox) and familiar (Tesco Daily Shower Cleaner).  We would have loved to see Bloo Sweet Tulip, perhaps it is hiding out here.  Maybe on the next stop of our tour.  Stay Tuned!

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