Field visit: glade 5 in 1

N in 1 inflation has gone mental. Remember the heady days of the 80s, with the whole 2 in 1 revolution?

it came out of NOWEHERE, with an advert featuring a municipal shower thief/peeping tom over aggresivly talking about their hair care routine, whilst slamming flimsy metal locker doors hard.

but when you consider the whole 1:1 paradim had just been shattered, the slamming, if not either the theiving or the peeping, is fully justified.

Where did we go from 2:1? Where else was there but 3. 3 in 1.

Now, when I mention 3 in 1, protection for your fami-il-ie, what does the avid hygenist instantly think of?


After that, perhaps fearful of the consequences, there was a lull in ‘in 1’ inflation. A truce, a truce. A truce, the shattering of which was rudely brought to my attention whilst drunk in a toilet in an Italian restaurant ‘somewhere in west wales’

Take a look at this!

let’s enhance that

no, up and right a bit


5 in 1. 5! It’s skipped a generation. We are through the looking glass people.

At the time, I was finding it kind of hard to see, so, although I tried to squint at the can, it was hard to dechipher.

‘No worries’ I thought, I’ll just google it. Except, except no, no I can’t. Try and google glade 5 in 1. You can’t. There’s nothing there. This leads me, thrillingly, to the conclusion that the restaurant was not, in fact, a mediocre eaterie, but in fact a front by Glade to do some product testing. I will go back next week and sniff around the female toilets to see what mysteries Glade have secreted in there. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this EXCLUSIVE announcement of the 5-1 air freshener, and, hopefully for all our sakes, the last word in ‘in 1’sims.

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