Mopping the floor

A new year, a new you. But that sounds hard, right? We mean, you could make a huge effort to reinvent yourself, but let’s face facts. It’s not going to work is it, and effort is normally a waste of time.

I know, why not settle down on your sofa and look at some nice photos of how perfect your life could be if you only lived in a kitchen like this:

<img src=”–3–3.JPG)
Some sweet sweet dettol

<img src=”–4-.JPG)

Look at the colour of that steaming bucket

<img src=”–2-.JPG)
Gleaming floors

<img src=”–1–1.JPG)

All done!
PS sorry for the last photo’s quality. It was taken on an iphone 4. Can you even imagine using a phone that old?

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