If these videos featuring people playing music accompanied by their washing machine don’t warm you from the bottom of your once broken heart, then there is no joy left in your life, at all.

Well, what a reaction to our last post. 20 (twenty) whole views and one spam comment about powdered Viaggra (sic). We bought a kilo anyway, just on the off chance. We were a bit dubious about entering our credit card details but we have to believe the world is a good place. We just have to. What is there to think, otherwise? Exactly:
And we shall not go down that road again; the road to the bridge, the bottle, to marriage. Instead, onwards! To cleanliness, to order, to tonics, and bleach. Back to our post.
The biggest reaction by far was to this link, which we incorrectly embedded:
Isn’t that just wonderful?

Watching this twenty times or so eventually triggered YouTube’s suggestion algorithm to suggest more videos like this (instead of other ones on how to end it all painlessly boo hoo hoo, etc etc).
Here are some of the best ones for your consideration. We have to say, if they don’t crack even the most frozen of hearts, and infuse it with joy, then like taking fake Viagra, there really is no point at all.
The smile at the start of this video says everything. Everything.
The greatest thing in this is the absolute joy at which she is looking at her washing machine.

After considering the washing machine for only twenty seconds, it should become clear to even the most joyless that it is an astounding, positive invention which has transformed our lives in an utterly brilliant way.

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