‘Junk modelling’ with Zoflora

So it’s been another entertaining weekend on Bleach and Tonic and I thought I’d brighten up a fairly dull and wet Tuesday in Manchester with another Zoflora anecdote.

So, my children are primary school age and we have numerous requests for junk modelling material. I usually am too busy can’t be arsed but last week I had had a particularly aggressive week with the Zoflora and thus had quite a few empty bottles and boxes. The instruction on the school’s email was ‘boxes small enough to make vehicles out of’. I chucked in a few other bits and bobs and handed them in.

Well the look on Mrs Williams’ * face. She opened the bag there and then (unusual as she usually slings it over her shoulder into the ‘pile’ along with all the other pizza boxes, egg cartons etc’). What made today different? Why did she inspect the bag? Was she drawn in by its contents?

So there I am standing there rather awkwardly in the classroom entrance while other mothers and children busied themselves hanging up coats and bags etc yet Mrs Williams seemed unaware of their presence. Her head was well and truly in the carrier bag. It seemed like minutes were passing. The tension was unbearable.

And then she looked up.

‘Excellent’ she said. ‘So you use Zoflora? A lot of Zoflora? There are 7 boxes in here and they are perfect for today’s task’.

I wasn’t sure whether I was being congratulated for using Zoflora so much or whether she was in awe at how suitable that size box is for making trains. I just don’t know.

But she’s been different with me ever since.

Friendlier. Warmer.

She looks at me more. She scans my face. She watches me.

She’s either a massive Zoflora fan and wants to get to know me better. (I can understand that. And if she wants to ‘talk Zoflora’ over a coffee I AM ALL EARS’. Or she’s concerned.

I will be monitoring this as the weeks progress.

Watch this space…


<Name changed just in case she is a massive Zoflora fan and ends up on here>

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