#Things we love to love.

##1) Storms.

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a fucking good storm?

There is one outside at the moment.

Nature is having a temper tantrum, raving and screaming and hurling itself in fury against my bricks and my roof.

But I’ll put money on my house surviving. Perhaps that is why nature is raging. A hundred years ago or so, when it shouted, we had to listen. We had to batten down hatches and sit there cowering in the dark, fearing damage.

Not now, though. We sit inside with our plasma TVs and central heatings and wifi and bleach.

Fuck you nature. You don’t scare me. Tomorrow I’ll pour some more Zoflora into your water.

And what do you make of that?

Cover image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87744089@N08/15251501222/in/photolist-ofaVC1-on3FaD-pe1Sjq-oZ4fE6-o8weDx-oTFB3P-ocCA2a-qn3QDx-pLYgoD-o4RGGk-qNrYYU-p8Vcsd-peHVXC-oR5VSj-pk8vwA-or4eCj-owm9AZ-oPnmoM-ozLZBc-nXPGVA-okGVVT-pXEFx5-pQbGGQ-q5qUC7-on4oxJ-pqy72F-oSABus-pQ8LfW-oUS2BP-oWFH9p-odswwG-qvzmeL-nXPFZB-owNdvF-oh5e1x-nXNEx1-nXNwzf-nXNCM6-offvJJ-oh565c-of881J-of17R6-ofhJh8-oeZxhT-odhdTS-nXQ53p-nXQU7D-ofiCmt-nXNKBj-of7Sry

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