LOST: One massive bottle of Zoflora.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

I hope you have been thoroughly spoilt.

Mine got off to an ok start. I had anticipated garage flowers and a breakfast in bed attempt (with a scene of carnage left in the kitchen for me to clean up). Sort of correct. Got some half dead tulips in some ceramic wellies and breakfast was served downstairs and yes I did clear it all away. But anyway it was very nice.

But about 30 minutes in to Mother’s Day my daughter Lucy gasped and started rambling incomprehensively about Zoflora.

I couldn’t make out what the problem was but she was obviously worried.

After a few hush hush meetings between her and my husband it emerged that apparently they had bought me a massive bottle of Zoflora (from what I could make out it was Bouquet as I’d seen them in B&M, which is where they’d got my other gifts from, and they knew it was pink). Had to be Bouquet. Anyway THEY. HAD.LOST.IT. Not sure whether they even ended up buying it. All they know is that at some point it was in their basket but they can’t remember seeing it since.The only saving grace is that it wasn’t a bumper bottle of Linen Fresh cos if if it had been, I’d not have been so calm about it. But still, a massive bottle of Bouquet is always going to be welcomes with open arms. I got a Toblerone as well and I was pleased with that but I didn’t know about the lost Zoflora at that point.

I’m not going to go on about it any more now as I’ve done it to death in my head. But I’ll be heading off to B&M tomorrow to put it right.

Happy Mother’s Day.




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