Plague Journal 2

Lockdown. Lookdoon. Sounds grimmer in Scotch.

We watched Nicola Sturgeon announce it, noting the puritanical pleasure she took in saying the word.

At the time we ignored the other woman, which proves we are not sexist. Yesterday we were told she had been visiting her holiday home in secret, and had resigned. Harsh. No wonder she looks so gutted in that video up there ^. We know it is middle class, but the joy of a holiday home is amazing.

Not everyone agrees, though. This is one of the less rude signs in West Wales.

Some of the signs around some towns – and we’re looking at you here Bala- are full of undisguised bitterness masquerading as health advice. English Go Home. Dickheads Go Home. Tourists Go Home. We would add ‘etc’, but that was the full range. Apparently. We don’t know. We have not been to our holiday home, we are responsible and at home. Were we to drive down the high mountain road between Bala and Dogellau, we would be assailed – in theory – by the twin engines of bitterness and xenophobia.

But we are not driving down that high road, we’re at home. Furloughed. Contemplating cleaning the oven. Review to follow.