Plague Journal 6: “In these difficult times” – a photo gallery

We want to document the collapse of the world we knew. Aside from queues outside of Tescos, there really is not a lot to take photos of though – everyone is stuck at home. Children’s chalk marks on deserted roads perhaps? Good idea. There’s a theme to pep up our aimless meandering aka state mandated exercise. One thing we have been photographing, and which we have become obsessed by is Coronavirus closure letters. (We say ‘Coronavirus’; in real life we insist on referring to it as SARS-CoV-2 – it just makes us sound cleverer) .

These will be a real relic of history. For now they are the last thoughts of bankrupted small shops. We love the variances in which they announce their closure. But soon they’ll all be forgotten, please God, when the shops open again