Review: Dettol

Our next review is Dettol. Not Dettol spray, or Dettol with Lavendar or anything else. Straight, old-fashioned, reliable Dettol. That looks like urine but smells like heaven.

I first became hooked on Dettol during my first pregnancy. I craved a product which would be a pleasure to clean with but at the same time would disinfect and leave everything smelling as though it had been disinfected. I turned to Dettol.

I think everyone has a bottle of this stuff lurking somewhere. Probably in the medicine cabinet. WHAT A WASTE. Total waste of an excellent cleaning product.

Slap some cheapo stuff on your cuts and grazes and save this for those times when you want the house to smell as though it’s been doused in chemicals. But comforting chemicals. Childhood chemicals.

It’s excellent for cleaning floors (just add a capful to hot water), it’s great for wiping down your skirting boards etc and it’s also great for putting in with a particularly smelly load of washing.


My friend baths in it. Well she said she did and I decided to do the same. So I started running a bath one night (after getting a text from her that she’d just had a bath in some and was in 7th heaven) and then VERY quickly she followed it up with an urgent text: DO NOT BATH IN DETTOL. MY MUM SAYS THE DOCTOR SAYS IT CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR LADY BITS. I ignored that and did it just once. It was glorious. The house smelt for DAYS of it. Anyway don’t bath in it. Or if you do, don’t do it regularly.

Just clean with it. It’s amazing stuff.

Presenting the No-Nonsense, hard hitting (but homely): DETTOL

Like a stern nanny. Homely but strict. NO NONSENSE.
Like a stern nanny. Homely but strict. NO NONSENSE.

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