Review: Flash with bleach

Flash with bleach has for me, always been a steady, reliable friend of the conscientious cleaner. It cleans, it shines (although for the ‘daddy of shine’ its sister, Flash with lemon, still commands the top spot) and it smells very very good. If you like the smell of bleach you’ll like this.


The beauty of it is it’s multi purpose. For the purposes of this review, I’l focus on the bathroom. When I want that sterile, hospital, germ free vibe, I reach for the Flash with bleach. This is particularly good when, after a session in the bathroom, my husband leaves it looking, for want of a better word, shit.

The bath (which only 30 mins previously had been sparkling and clean) now looks unloved with unidentified objects sticking to the sides, the sink seems to have fallen prey to someone who can’t control toothpaste tubes and the toilet. Well, let’s just say he leaves evidence. So in I go with my Flash with bleach. First thing – open the windows.

I don’t know why my husband can’t do this but anyway, that’s an argument for another day.

( I might do a post on opening windows as I have a lot to say about it).

Anyway, back to the bathroom.

You don’t need to spray a lot of this which is good because those of you who don’t like the smell of bleach (what’s wrong with you?) would find it too much. So I start with the shower/bath and spray some round there, then the sink and then the toilet. The smell hits you immediately. It’s bleach, but it’s beach with a twist. It hasn’t got that all out potent smell that straight bleach has (although I always have time for that smell too) but it rather tantalises with its ‘bleachiness’.

I don’t leave it sitting for long before I wipe and rinse. I even do the taps with it too and they come up really nicely. They’re chrome and they manage not to streak. I wipe around the toilet seat and wipe off the stains in the bowl with my marigolds and some tissue. Because I’ve got to the stains quickly, they haven’t had time to ‘set’. It’s vital to act in the ‘golden hour’ after the stain has been left. The sooner the better and you will have NO NEED WHATSOEVER FOR A TOILET BRUSH.

By now the room is smelling CLEAN. Very very clean and very very sterile.I am no longer in my bathroom. I am in a hospital ward which has just had a deep clean by a professional cleaning company. I spray some around the sides of the toilet too and wipe down with tissue.

So now I’ve got that ‘Hello I am VERY VERY clean’ smell going on. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always a time for Zoflora in bathrooms. But Flash with bleach is great for that horror show situation.

I also rate it for dealing with stains in the kitchen sink too. It’s the quick option and it works.

Ladies and gents, I present: Flash with Bleach


My Bleachy Prince.
My Bleachy Prince.


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