Review: Toilet Duck

Quick: What’s the funniest product in the cleaning ailse? Easy question, isn’t it.

The answer is the Toilet Duck, subject of this week’s review. It comes in ‘Pine’, ‘Marine’ and ‘Citrus’

We went for ‘Marine’ of course, the aquatic connection being the closest to the duck. This led us to a -to us – interesting train of thought which we will recount here to meet word count targets. Are ducks, essentially, a clean animal? We would tend to say ‘no’. Last time we saw a duck, at Etherow Country Park, we saw a duck clearly eating mud. We also one duck doing something unseakable to another (fucking it) but this is a family website.

However, whatever the duck lacks in cleanliness, or moralilty, it makes up in humour. Look at the neck on that:

No one can tell me it’s not funny (even if, to our unornathological eye, the neck looks more than that of a swan than a duck)


However, inaccuracy aside it brings some much needed humour to the grim faced bleach aisle. Amongst the rows of bleak pacaging for Domestos, Harpic, Tesco Pine Fresh et al, sits this unashamadly quriky enigma.

We went home immediately from Tesco and squirted it in our freshly cleaned toilet.

Interestingly (again, or not), we found a rogue sycamore seed in the cistern. This led to an unpleasant train of thought as to how it might have appeared in the bowl. Our eldest is a bit peculiar.

We liked it, a lot. But Ms Tonic had a more cautious view:

When you put it in the cistern, it sticks too much to the side so there is a persistant mark which you have to remove.

Ms Tonic’s verdict: Stick to bleach

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