Wilko’s ‘Cheerio germs’ wipes

What do you want from a wipe? When I’m buying wipes that is always the first question I ask myself.

I have just emerged from the world of baby wipes. It had its ups and downs but one of the ups was the packet of wipes you always had with you at all times. Their usage wasn’t confined to baby’s bottoms or vomming incidents. Oh no. I used them for all sorts of things, with quick dusting as probably the main one.

So now I no longer have a need to carry baby wipes around really a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to me. Still definitely ‘pro wipe’ I can now expand my wipe-radar to a more chemically and disinfectanty zone.

Would it be possible to get a wipe that wipes well, that doesn’t disintegrate in your hand (step forward cheap value wipes, the preferred option of my husband because he gets to spend 30p on something that doesn’t work as opposed to 50p on something that does), that disinfects and that smells glorious – kind of disinfectanty but with a floral hint too? A bit like a Zoflora wipe. Well these were the thoughts racing round my head on my last expedition into Wilkos.

Now Wilko’s is a brilliant place. They have everything and they’re not skanky. By that I mean you don’t feel like you’re in some sort of shop underworld like you do in some other establishments. They manage to remain cheerful and inviting but excellent value for money.

So I found myself in the cleaning section and found a packet of lavender anti-bac wipes. Very alluring packaging. Sterile but friendly. Like a cheerful serial killer.

I got them home and the first thing I did was use them for a quick dust of my home office. What a revelation. As soon as I opened the packet I knew. I just knew. Right there and then the smell hit my nostrils and it was a smell of absolute loveliness laced with chemicals. PERFECT. I set to work and was immediately struck by the quality of the wipe itself. It was strong and you didn’t need to take 2/3 at a time to bulk it out (another point my husband fails to grasp).

The office smelt lovely. Utterly lovely. And so did my hands. I did the sniff test on my husband when he got in from work. ‘Smell my hands’ I said. Wrong person to pick really but I didn’t have many options.

His response was ‘they’re ok’. Ladies and gents, that might not sound like much but believe me, coming from him that is an EPIC bit of praise.

So Wilkos, there you have it.

And here is the packet of joy itself. Cheerio germs!







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