Wilko’s ‘Sud’s Law’

Ladies and Gents, I have a stinking cold. My head is full of it and my nose is blocked. Very blocked.

So what better time to put the power of smell to the test.

Zoflora obviously passed with flying colours. I had the Linen Fresh out this morning (it being Mother’s Day I decided I needed a special treat to start me off) and the ever faithful smell hit me in seconds. I knew it would. If you can cut through this snot blockage you’re special.

I’m cooking a chilli at the moment and I can’t smell that.

Linen Fresh 1 Chilli con carne 0

Anyway, so today I have been busy in the kitchen which has meant that I have needed to wash up as well as use the dishwasher.

Not. A. Problem. And you know why?

Because I have the joy that is ‘Wilko’s Sud’s Law’ washing up liquid as my companion.

Like the wipes, its packaging is genius. It means business but it’s going to be pleasant about it. It might be performing major abdominal surgery on you with a blunt knife but it’s going to stroke your hair as it’s doing so.It’s going to bloody wash those dishes but you’ll feel like you’re standing in a field of lavender as you’re doing it with a gentle breeze on your face…

First task. Clean a plate smeared with chilli.


I filled the sink full of hot water and added a squirt of the liquid. Only a squirt and immediately the bubbles came. Big and bold and fresh and throwing grenades of lavender at me as I stood over the sink. Bloody lovely.

I could barely wait to get my hands into the water it was so inviting.

So I cleaned a plate and it came up beautifully. Shiny, squeaky and smelling like a country garden. I will also test this later after people have finished eating and I need to wash the chilli casserole dish but I can tell you now with absolute certainty, it’ll pass.

Anyway if I remember and can be bothered I’ll do photos of that. But to keep you going, here’s the photo shoot from today’s single plate clean.

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