Still alive, still on ‘holiday’

Oh for a Motorway


We have come out of the jungle and are in Kuala Lumpur.  Very nice.  We had a minor domestic argument in the jungle when Mrs Gin sensationally REFUSED to pour in country garden to some muddy river.  We were going to do a photoshoot called ‘carry on up the jungle with Zoflora Country Garden’.  It was going to be ace.  But she refused, on ‘ecological’ grounds.  Ridiculous.


We tried to do it ourselves, but we had to do it out of sight of our guide who probably would have frowned at that kind of thing, and couldn’t pour it into the river and photo it, so you can only have this ‘before’ shot


The zoflora is bearing up OK.  We have dosed bathrooms, sheets and showers from one end of the jungle to the other.  Some part of some foreign rainforest is forever clean, thanks to us.  No need for gratitude.



A rare photo of Mr Bleach and Mrs Gin
That batboy is FULL of Zoflora

We are in Penang now, then onto Kuala Lumper or as every ‘traveller-not-tourist’ calls it, KL.  Then, blissfully, home sweet home next week.  Stand by for more holiday snaps.  We KNOW you can’t wait

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