Plague Journal: Things become normal

What we fear and envy most about animals is they have no normal. Looking at our Cat, everything seems new and threatening to it. This must be awful, aye, but exhilarating too. How do you relax when you can be eaten alive at any moment? And yet our cat does. Despite everything appearing to it […]

Plague Journal 10: Scaredy Cats

We have a colleague (‘co-worker‘? yuck!). We have a colleague. Yes, they say we are an absolute delight to work with. So positive. Anyway, yesterday on the Zoom they announced, casually mark you, that they had not left the house for a while. When we asked how long – showing compassion, as per HR requirements […]

Plague Journal 9: On sadness

There’s something woefully indulgent when writing about sadness. Yet what is this blog if not indulgent? We claim indulgence as an excuse, we pretend to revel in failure. When we had 10k visitors a month, for a shitty blog about unfunny Zoflora reviews, we stopped posting for 2 years until everyone had left. When we […]

Plague Journal 7: Is Covid a load of bollocks?

Being honest with yourself is terrible advice. The worst. Wait. Almost the worst. The worst – of course – is the execrable ‘Follow your dreams’. Oh we’ve remembered another one which dicked us down good, too: Tell her how you feel. Yeah, thanks Dad. No. Ruby, ruby red. The only way we – like you […]

Plague Journal 4: As if the empty skies.

We should have been in Washington today. Instead we -like you- are at home. Cowering from Covid. In the early morning, after not sleeping, looking at the blue, trailless sky, we hear a jogger run past our bedroom. Awed by the regularity of the runner’s footsteps, calmed by the regularity of their breathing. The sounds […]

Plague Journal 3: Short story interlude

We wrote a short story: A window after landing   Alice always liked one lump of sugar in her tea, Steve habitually gave her two.  Today he gives her a single cube.  He wants to be kind; he’s going to kill her.  Murder her, he supposes.   He takes the cup to the stairs, has […]