#hatelist: lights on in summer

We swelter in summer, sometimes in temperatures as high as twenty degrees. In tandem with the equatorial temperatures, we have scandinavian daylight settings. It’s rarely dark. When our kids were young, this would be a nightmare as they’d wake at 4am every day. Nowadays, it’s different. It’s joyous in particular waking up the elder. “Time […]

On workmen

<img src=”https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000112939909/d01159b05679495e60ee021c6345f4ae.jpeg) When Bleach and Tonic was little, our mother was a terrible snob. We were constnatly told, over our John Lewis kitchen table, about how education had saved them from a life of drudgery. We were informed that if we wanted a good life, we had to work hard at school. The appalling alternative […]

#List of Hate: 2 Cereal Crumbs

Monday morning, forced jovillity pouring out of the radio. Kids bicker whilst you think of all the things to do at work. Noise, and brutal weather. Load the dishwasher whilst trying to straighten your tie, load the cars, set the burglar alarm, whose effectiveness you always ominously suspect, and away to do the day And […]


A new regular series where we (well, mainly Ms Tonic) gets stuff off our chest. This is an odly specific one. People who iron in the kitchen at 7.45am every day and then leave the clothes hangers lying around. They also tend to iron in front of the cupboard where the cereal and cereal bowls […]