Harpic MAX 10: Alien Snot

Maybe we’re mellowing. At one point, we’d have loved this stuff. And at one point we’d have denounced Method Almond Floor Cleaner as nun’s piss. I mean listen to this We used to reserve our floor cleaning for very special occasions—like limbo night or the queen’s visit. but this non-toxic + biodegradable no-wax wood floor […]

Hob Brite. Burns from the time travel.

Editor’s Note: This is not another review where Ms Tonic or Mr Gin list the best cleaning products to use as suicide aids. You should know that straight away, before reading any further. (Bye bye) By this point, we have to accept that no-one cares about our unhappiness. Why should they? We hardly do, anymore. […]

Waitrose Power Bleach Citrus: Review

Another week done. Bleach and Tonic cavorted ==wild== in Bridgend last week, which, despite the internet containing absolutely everything the human mind can imagine, is nevertheless not a sentence you’d expect to read online. We had a great time, had a motivational speech, a nice dinner (in the ‘Spoons) and a train back to a […]

Shake N Vac Lemon: Perfecto Mix

I felt like Indiana Jones finding this as I wandered simultaneously drunken and hungover through the corner shop, grabbing booze and Zoflora willy nilly when I literally stumbled into this treasure. <img src=”http://bleachandtonic.com/content/images/2015/05/indiana-jones-hat-grab-o.gif) Treasure. Priceless treasure in a £1.19 plastic tube. Why don’t Glade have a massive advertising campaign when they launch a new flavour? […]