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Hi there loyal reader. We’ve opened the site for comments so that you can have your say:

-Hate Zoflora? Let us know! (Acutally, don’t. If you do hate zoflora, fuck off to some other website)

-Know what has happened to Bloo Sweet Tulip? Let us know. Seriously do let us know. It’s killing us.

Talking of Bloo, we have bravely ordered the following so get ready for plenty of reviews:

1 x Sainsbury’s All In 1 Dishwasher Tablets x60 – Total Price £6.00
1 x Sainsbury’s Rinse Aid, Lemon Fresh 500ml – Total Price £1.00
1 x Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Spray 500ml – Total Price £1.50
1 x Spontex Wash Ups, Non-Scratch x2 – Total Price £0.70
1 x Bloo Flowers Cistern Blocks, Pink Water 2x38g – Total Price £1.00
1 x Fairy Non-Bio Liquitabs x38 (38 Washes) – Total Price £7.00
1 x Sainsbury’s Maris Piper Potatoes 2.5kg – Total Price £2.00
2 x Sainsbury’s Aubergine – Total Price £1.60
4 x Badoit Intensely Sparkling Mineral Water 1L – Total Price £3.60

We’re looking forward to the sparkling water ( intensely sparkling if you please), but freely confess we are very dubious indeed about the Bloo ‘Pink Water’. That sounds like the consequence of ‘women’s problem’s’ to us.

Shouldn’t really have included the spuds in that list, you can rest easy there won’t be a review of them.

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