The Christmas Review: Domestos. Part 3; Conclusions


Well, let’s wrap up. What have we learnt? We’ve learnt that sometimes it is best not to express dark thoughts, if you don’t want your site traffic to drop off a cliff. Sometimes, if you are thinking of taking a look at search terms users get to find your site, it’s best to think again. And that sometimes, having said all of that, if you ever do find yourself in shall we say a ‘regrettable’ situation – and let’s just leave it at that – then Domestos can be your best friend.

We love the stuff. The stench of it lasts a day. If you put a gun to our head and said ‘name the greatest cleaning product in existance, today’ we’d pick Zoflora Linen Fresh. You wouldn’t actually need to put a gun to our head. You could just ask us. It’s a perfectly reasonable question.

But if you ask us, or indeed any of the hundreds of millions of Zoflora fans what the greatest downside to any Zoflora is, they’d say the same thing. There, see, as you read this paragraph, you already said the answer in your head, didn’t you.

It’s the transitoryness – and Ms Tonic will be annoyed because I know for a fact that is spelt wrong – of it. You bathe the floors and surfaces in it, and for half an hour it is bliss. But then it is gone and your house smells of nothing again, (or worse if you have 2 young children).

Not so with Domestos. This hectoring brute was built to last. Pour this down the toilet and the clinical aromoa of it will last and last. It’s the terminator of cleaning products.

It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you [the germs] are dead

Yes, if it were a person it would be an unpleasant overbearing bully. Yes, they should go back to running the old fashioned adverts about killing all known germs, dead. Yes, it is the favourite of the more amateur of cleaner, but despite that, despite that, it still deserves its place as the king of the cleaning aisle.

And with that, we wrap up till after Christmas.

Happy chrismtas and even happier cleaning
The bleach and tonic team.

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