Today’s Zoflora Situation is not

another disappointing post. When I learnt Turkish, I learnt the word ‘yok’ which basically meant there isn’t any. But it is expressed in such a way that you could just say

noun + yok to convey a whole range of things. It was an awesome word because it meant that with just nouns you could communicate a load of your problems to someone who would fix them for you.

Having said that, I am not in Turkey, I am in Wales, in an hotel inferior to the glorious Premier Inn.

How inferiror I hear you ask. Well, when I went for a piss, I saw a huge shit stain in the toilet. I think I shall give a bath a miss. If I had some Zoflora, I’d dab some upon myself, but sadly, sadly, Zoflora Yok.

You’ve learnt something, at least.

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