#Top14 Zofloras: 14

Welcome to our new series where we count down the top 14 zofloras ever made. A list that has caused quite some controversy, as you will no doubt understand.

At 14…

Ladies and Gentlemen it’s Citrus Fresh.

Has to be said, this is not one of Mr Bleach’s top 14 at all but Ms Tonic insisted. To me it smells like slightly septic urine, but there we go. Different strokes for different strokes. I’m obsessed by Fred West, she loves Ted Bundy. I think the Apline murders were done by a random theif, she thinks, well perhaps it might not be wise to go into her theroy here, on legal grounds. Let me tell you, though, it is ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as the claim this contains lemon scent but there we go. We both love Zoflora, though. If we are both being honest, she loves it more than us.

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