Top #14 Zofloras: 9

Last night I went out for our christmas party. As a matter of fact, I went back to the restaurant which, as we have discovered was actually a testing ground for the pharmaceutical company behind Glade Air Freshener.

I got drunk, dear reader. Ship wrecked and faced off against three Welsh IT developers. I threatened outrageous violence and they threw a glass at me.

The next day, as gin seeped out of me, I slunk into work. I felt empty, hollowed out from the outside. Before I left for work, I showered but I knew it to be futile. When you are hungover you think you might be clean but really you stink.

And do you know what you stink of? You stink of Zoflora Orchid, today’s #top14 number 9. Those playful scamps at Zoflora have made a scent which smells exactly like a hangover.

We like the stuff.

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