#Top14 Zofloras: 6


Now this one’s a BELTER. Even the name will have you frothing. Bluebell Woods


We used to live in Hampshire,

“Close and Slow, summer is ending in Hampshire”
Louis Macneice, again

And there was a wood called the Chase. We spent approx seven fifths of our lives in that wood until we had to sadly leave hampshire, forever. At the start, we spent it with sticks like guns, pretending to shoot our friends. At the end, we passed it passed out on cider.

In the woods, was a bluebell wood. It was the most magical of spaces. We used to love putting down our stick swords and pretending to be Robin Hood and get all mystical in the woods.

The bluebell wood got paved over to be part of the Newbury Bypass, so those flowers which must have flowered there for thousands and thousands of years will never bloom again, unless a catastrophic calamity were to befall us all. Perhaps there are still some dormant bulbs underneath the tarmac, forearmed and waiting, though the pessimist in me doubts it.

Now, on the rare occasions where I use this, I am transported back. A magical place. A magical scent.

This is sadly limited edition and is now a rare collectors’ item.

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