#Top14 Zofloras; 13

After the somewhat contentious entry at 14, we have a more straight forward hashtag top 14 Zoflora at 13.

Summer Bouquet


Talking about this now is as disconcerting when they show a christmas tv show in the middle of the summer on itv3. ‘Look at that snow’, I always think as I sit there in my pants, sweating. ‘Look at all those clothes those bozos used to have to wear. That’ll never happen again. It’s hot now.

Anyway, the Zoflora website says that this is a mixture of Rose, Peony and Freesia, three flowers of which I’ll gladly admit I’ve only heard of one. Rose. Don’t know why I need to type that, it’s the only one ny1 has ever heard of.

How wonderful and thoughtful of Messrs Thornton and Ross, vendors of the stuff. Anyone could make a delightful smelling clinically effective disenfectant just using rose, but these 2 fellows went out of their way to use these minor flowers no one had heard of to give just that edge to the rose sent. How much effort it must have been to track down a whatisit, Peony and Freesia. I imagine them journeying all over Europe in a Mini Metro, an exhaust ing and ive road trip sniffing hundreds of weird flowers before they had their Eureek moment and stumbled over the Peony and the other one. Imagine their euphoria when they smelt it. You don’t need to imagine, you just need to find a bottle, open it and inhale deep. All that effort just shows how much they love us.

They love me and I love them, too.

I say Messers and fellows, bit sexist really. Could be a woman. Lets be honest here – what else is cleaning if not honesty- it probably isn’t a woman, but it could be.

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