Top#14 Zofloras: 3

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Apologies for the delay. We forgot the password. Incredible, really, but there you go. What can we say, there is a lot going on in the world. Most of it bad.

On the other hand, and this is I’ll admit not relevant, I just BOMBED the house with Dettol. Doused the whole place in it. The house reeks of it now. Hmm, Reek is perhaps the wrong word. Too negative.

Anyway, number 3 is the opposite of Dettol. It’s the most sensual of all the Zofloras.

Oriental Lilly. (read our orignal review here)

When you clean the house with this, it doesn’t bomb your house like Dettol does, it massages it, soothes it. Intrigues it. If Dettol is macho in its fight against dirt, going in all guns blazing Oriental Lilly is a sexy spy slipping behind enemy lines.

There is something ever so alluring about this, you have to admit. The last time we cleaned our room with it, we felt like James Bond must have felt in Skyfall, after he’d had that shave and was heading into the casino. Clean, yes, of course – that’s a given with any Zoflora, but also alive and ready for danger.

So, that’s number 3. The best position to be in, really. If you come runner up all you can think about is how you lost out to the top spot, and there is too much pressure if you win.

Join us tomorrow when we reach 2nd place, in a post which will ROCK YOU TO YOUR CORE

In the meantime, happy cleaning

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