#Top14 Zofloras: 8

We don’t like this one. The fact that this is as high as #8 is down to the fact that Ms Tonic drew up the majority of the list.

I just asked my wife, Ms Gin about this one

‘it stinks like shit’.

Apologies for the language but accuracy is everything in cleanliness.

From that, the cunning detective might deduce that #8 is warm cinnamon, as that was her conculsion about that one, too.

Alas it says more about the limited vocabulary of Ms Gin than it does about Zoflofa that #8 is not Warm Cinnamon but is, in fact,


We have looked at hyacinth before. Looked and found it, sadly, wanting.

Like yesterday, we think it smells like a hangover. But hey ho, Ms Tonic is not to be argued with and so in it goes at #8.

The rest of the #top14 we really love so this series is going to get a lot more positive from now on


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