What does BREXIT mean for Bleach and Tonic?

What a day. If you’re a LEAVE voter, please stop reading. Actually don’t stop reading quite yet, we have a message for you:

#Fuck off

There. You can stop reading now. Go and never come back you racist bastards.

For the rest of us, then, the clever ones, what does this mean? What does it mean for us, for our children and most importantly for UK cleaning products?

Well, in the spirit of solidarity with our European brothers and sisters we’ve decided – and you won’t like this – to move to EU only products. That means we shall no longer review cleaning products that are only for sale in the UK. We have a contact on the continent and before any companies send us units to review, we shall double check with them that they’re for sale on the continent. If not, au revoir.

Companies, actually, do not send us units to review. We made that bit up. We buy them in Tesco just like everyone else. We wish companies did send us stuff to review. Allow us that dream.

The tradgedy of this, of course is Zoflora is not sold abroad, as far as we can tell. That means – sob – no more Zoflora reviews.

We know, we know, but there we are. Don’t blame US. We voted REMAIN

You wanted this, Nigel Farage, this is your fault.

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