Where now?

Lost in lostness
So. What do we do now that this thing is back from the dead? For maybe the fouth time?* The very fact we have given up so often gives you a clue of the likely ending this time. We will get either bored or suicidally depressed again. Either way it ends with us staring off a cliff in gloom.
Driving back home “no everything’s fine, I just had a bad day that is all. think I might have an early night” We’re getting ahead of ourselves here. What do we do now? Since we gave up, the cleaning porn thing has exploded. More people than ever love Zoflora. This fill us with Joy. We imagine the fat cat bosses at Thornton & Ross sitting on a huge pile of twenty pound notes. Great for them. For a start, working in the place, you’d need a little something to take the edge off:
But we can’t and won’t fit in with all that light and airy bollocks: “Oh look at my perfect house, my perfect life and ha ha ha ok then I guess so the perfect me.” We can’t go down the road of pretending everything is OK because it’s not. We work in IT, we live in a semi in Stockport. So what do we do? Well, let’s just keep on reviewing. How about 1 review a week, until the waves of depression drown us again? Does that sound OK? *The first time we gave up because we were getting 10k views a month and got shy The second time and the third we got a bit sad. Last time we gave up because we got bored. Wonder what it’ll be this time. In the meantime, onward!
Have some pictures of my house instead
By the way, that map up there ^ is from the 39 Steps. Killin is a fictional village in Scotland. Nice amusing touch, no?

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